Monday, March 28, 2011

Starting over

I attempted last night to make some magnets. Well, it didn't work. The ink wasn't drying on the plastic and running. Maybe it'll be dry finally when I get home and I can see what happens after. Instead I ordered some supplies today which will hopefully come by the end of the week so I can get working on it and do it properly.

In other news, in an attempt to find new inspiring images I trekked over to Chinatown on my lunch to do some photography. My mind and eye is still adjusting back to viewing things as "photographs" so I only shot a few things. 1-2 may be interesting enough to produce.

I have several rolls of film at home I never got around to developing so I think in the next few weeks I'll need to take them to be developed. I'm sure the quality has gone down since it's ideal to develop film as soon as it's been exposed. We'll see. I do recall there being a roll of Chinatown when I went on a photo walk with someone via Craigslist way back when. I had more luck, but I need to keep in mind: the more you photograph, the better your photography will be.

Always a work in progress ...


  1. Hey, I found you over at Etsy. I like your photographer, can't wait to see some more listed. : D

  2. Did the magnets ever work? I am curious.

  3. emandbee, I haven't started on it yet. I will probably later this week or weekend. I'll definitely post some pictures and an update when I get crackin' on them.