Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun with food!

A couple of my favorite shops on Etsy have fun with food. Granted you can't eat it, but they're great eye candy. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

First up is Felt Play Food by Jenny in Houston, Texas. She has food of all sorts made out of felt, from sushi, pizza, spaghetti to even tacos! I'd love to buy these for my niece and nephew when they are a little older and they can play house. I think they'd love it. Perfect for kids who like to play with their food and perfect for parents because no mess to clean up!!!

Over at ZeeBree, you can color till your heart's content! Forget Crayola's traditional crayons. How about have a little fun and color with these awesome cupcakes???

So yummy, but only for coloring please!! Or to look at too! There's ice cream cones, eggs and even fortune cookies! Plus other fun shapes and colors to choose from. There's even scented ones if you like to smell your crayons when you color. Niiiice! Perfect for party favors, your kids or even you when you feel like coloring. I have a coloring book! Don't look at me weird, I know you're jealous.

Last but not least, AJSweetSoap will keep your mouth salivating! That 2000 calorie banana split there? Yeah that's soap. Please do not eat. But please use to lather yourself up! Or leave it on your bathroom counter for all to eye when they're washing their hands with that Dove stuff. Amazing, right??

This full time working mom (I don't know how she has time to make these amazing soaps!) creates works of art from soap. She has corn dogs, cupcakes, buffalo wings, donuts, anything your little eye or tummy desires. Plus for those of you who are vegan, her soap is vegan!

Sorry if I made you hungry by now. But at least you don't have to worry about putting on the pounds with these products. What's even better is all 3 shops have so many items that are under $10! How cool is that?


  1. Neat foodies -- I especially love the felt pastries! I crochet some food too and always love looking at what others do!

  2. OH, I just saw your oreo cookies! Love it. Super cute. It's so cool how creative everyone is. Thanks for stopping by!