Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kinda worked, but not completely.

It is freezing here! 30 mph icy winds I almost think I'm back in Iceland! Or I'm in a wind tunnel like Beyonce usually is.

Whelp! I checked out my magnets today and, well they're not going to hold anything up. I make the mistake by buying the magnet sheet that you probably use to do those save the dates for weddings. I put them on the fridge and sadly, ack, one slipped out of my hand and broke! Yeah, I won't be selling those. I need to buy stronger magnets. Plus this batch was a first try and they're not the "cleanest" looking ones. But they look kinda cool!


  1. Oooo I really like the sprinkly frosting ones (I guess that's what it is?). They make me feel happy. : )

    Too bad about the magnets.

  2. i know! i was bummed. i like the cupcakes ones too. i'm getting stronger magnets next week so i can hopefully get more done by the time they arrive. I have some left over tiles I can make.

    It's a learning experience being crafty.

  3. love the wind tunnel comment :) The icing magnets are super cute!

  4. The Beyonce comment made me laugh out loud. I LOVE these magnets. I would use them for decorations on my fridge!