Thursday, April 21, 2011

Packaging trial

My aunt saw my purple flower magnets and told me she wanted to see if I could make 4 sets for Administrative Professional's Day next Wednesday for the secretaries at her school. So I got to work and wow, it takes like 3-4 days to make magnets I've come to discover.

I have to print on photo paper, let that dry (24 hrs recommended), then glue the glass to the image and wait for that to dry. Then cover the back with glue and let that set. Then glue the little magnet to the back and that takes 24 hrs to dry. It's time consuming! Not including the trimming, looking for the photos to use and so on.

I was trying to sort out how to package my magnets. I had the cello bags, but I wasn't sure quite how to sort out the label so they all looked together when all the magnets look different. I found an extra gift bag lying around that was plain, but had just black writing/graphics on it. I thought it would go ok so I cut them up and stapled them to the packets.

My brother-in-law is also in the process of designing my logo and so far has the lettering. I love it. I think it looks awesome. He's working on the image and once I decide, he'll blend them together.

Here's what I came up with, sorry they're a little off. They're from my camera phone as I was sending my aunt over pictures.

I'd love feedback. Any suggestions? What's your favorite way of getting cards, magnets, etc packaged?


  1. Those look so cute! How are you keeping the magnets still in the bag?

  2. Hi Em! Thank you, I can't tell anymore. There's so much cute packaging on Etsy it's hard to figure out what to do! I'm using glue dots to keep the magnets in place.

  3. They look good to me. My question is how did you get your photos into those magnets? I can't find a place that does them like that.

  4. RaeoLight,

    Thanks. There's lots of tutorials online on how to make glass magnets. I had to print out my photographs and then you can find more steps here:

    I make them myself, I haven't really looked into a company making them, though I'm sure there are some that do it.