Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Postcard testing and magnets update

I turn my photos into postcards! Ok, one of them. I was testing it out.

The paper is on the thinner side, but it should work fine. I'm tempted to send my boo boo postcard (I got glue on the photo by accident) to someone to see how it arrives. It's a 4x6 size card. They look cool though.

Later on this weekend I'll probably list some. I really do need to start listing items in my shop badly. I also need to order my card stock Thursday since that's payday and my current checking account is looking pretty low. Buying supplies adds up!!!

I started on my magnets tonight. Yikes, I think I got high of the E6000. I cracked open a window after a while. I should have read the back of the tube first. It gets messy so I tried not to get too much on my hands and waste the adhesive since it oozes out. Ha, I was shoving pictures under the opening so at least it could get the next image started. I'm letting it dry overnight and then tomorrow I'll glue the magnets to the back of them. *keeping fingers crossed*

I was talking to my aunt tonight and telling her about my magnets. She said that it was a cool idea because she has tons of magnets at school (she's a teacher) because they have a magnetic board. Hopefully they come out ok and I can find other fun images to use.

Any suggestions on fun series you'd like to see? I'd love to hear some ideas to get my mind jogging when I'm out and about doing photography. Maybe fruits or veggies? Maybe a picture cut up into magnets so when you put it together it looks like a full picture? Yay, nay?

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