Friday, April 29, 2011

What, a dessert with no eggs, dairy or honey? Is it good??

Hell yes!

I came across Veganville when I joined the SFEtsy team in March. Now I didn't actually venture into the "vegan" world till about 2 years ago when a trainer/friend at the time suggested a couple vegan recipes from a book she started cooking from. I tried a mock tuna salad and a few other recipes and was surprised how good they were. But I had yet to try any vegan desserts.

I kept looking at Veganville (GiGi is the owner/creator) and drooling over the pictures. They looked so good!! I couldn't decide what to pick, so I decided to buy the sampler. A little bit of several different desserts.

I was happy as a clam when it arrived. The cookies were huge! They're like Specialty's cookies big! And very tasty. The Sam Sam loaf was super moist and chocolatey. I was surprised. I haven't tried the cupcakes yet, but I will soon after I eat a real meal. Below are a couple of her other goodies from her shop!

Vegan Peanut Butter Swirl Smarty Pants Brownie

Vegan I Made a Mint Chocolate Assortment Box

So, in short. Just because it's vegan, doesn't mean it's not tasty. Forget Whole Foods vegan cake, try one of GiGi's goodies! Oh by the way, she's having a sale right now through May 8th, so go satisfy your sweet tooth!


  1. What an aweseome writeup! Thank you so much. Get better already! So glad you are enjoying everything. Terrific pic of the sample box, shutterbug!

  2. Thanks GiGi! I just ate the cupcake ... yummy! I like that it's not too sweet, but sweet enough. I think I'll have to share the goodies tomorrow at my friend's bday get together. The folks are a bit more adventurous.

  3. Her brownies are HELLA, HELLA awesome...didn't know brownies could taste so incredible. Thanks for my new addiction Gigi! :-)

  4. Yay. Here's to a healthy addidction number twelve!