Monday, May 30, 2011

Garage sale ...

What an exhausting, fast but productive weekend!

Friday I baked 4 batches of cookies and stayed up till 2am working on my cards. Plus, somehow tried to price some of my other items. I was tired.

Saturday got up at 6am (ack!) and ended up trying to organize stuff for the garage sale. I event set up a little area with my cards.

My sis sold a lot of her kids clothes and other toys. Kids stuff always goes at garage sales. I mostly sold a number of little trinket things that kids liked and a couple random things. Only 2 people bought my cookies so now my family has to finish eating the rest, or give them away. I tried to sell some of my clothes, but seeing as how they were on the nicer end and some I only wore a couple times, I couldn't bring myself to sell them for a quarter or $1. I'm going to try to sell them on Craiglist or Ebay.

I didn't sell any of my cards which was no surprise but a few people took my mini bookmarks. A lot of people stared at my display almost like the were confused as to what it was. Only 1 person commented on them saying they were very nice.

During the crowds (2 or 3 people really) I decided to clean out the garage since I could actually access stuff for once. I moved boxes of stuff that could be sold next year to one side of the garage and things we wanted to keep/needed to be sorted through to the other side. We were then left with a big space to move around in.

I came across a box with old photos from my high school photography class and old prints from my college photography class. I just about died because some of the prints I have are prints of a landmark of sorts in San Francisco that no longer exists. I want to find the negative and see if I can get it reprinted.

I noticed a lot of people seemed pretty particular this time around. It's always amazing when people for 2 days all look at the same item, but never buy it and then 1 person finally does. I don't get it. I think too people just don't have the money anymore. We had priced my brother's DVDs at $2 which we could let go at $1 each. However I had a guy wanting 2 DVDs for $1. I said he could take both for $3 and he agreed. Sorry, DVDs are not priced at the paperback price of 25-50 cents. My sister also had those kid saucers they play in and one that was barely used by her 2 kids. Apparently they go for almost $100 new and she was selling it at $30. People wanted it for like $5-$10. She told them it was new and wouldn't budge on the price. It's a bargain when you think about it, but I'm not sure if they just couldn't afford it or they just had no idea what those really go for retail.

Either way, the economy is really bad for some people. I couldn't blame them for trying pay as little as possible for our items, especially since we had stuff on the nicer end. But hey, you never know when you'll get that person who realizes what an amazing price (and condition) it is in comparison to buying it new who will take it away in a blink of an eye.

All in all, it was a so so sale. There seemed to be less people this year that 2 years ago when we did our first garage sale in probably 15 years. We didn't have any big pieces of furniture or a ton of stuff to sell. Mostly pictures, books and a few household items here and there. I think I made about $38 where my sister made a couple hundred. My dad and brother made a little money too. We at least walked away with a little cash and our garage is a bit more empty than it was Friday. Until next year.


  1. Garage sales are so much work! I finally agreed to have one this year if the neighborhood did it. I swore I'd never do it again (I always say that) but thought, I have a ton of stuff to get rid of. A flyer showed up on our mailbox and it was to be held on the day we left for Florida! Bummer!

    I'm sure your family will enjoy the cookies and they do freeze very well!

  2. Sher, yeah garage sales are exhausting. It's why we only do it once a year! It's all that organizing that takes up a lot of work. Oh, and standing in the sun!!