Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lost and looking to get lost

Whelp, I'm still sick to an extent. I'm near the tail end though so I'm glad. Bad allergies and a mild cold has made for fun week and a half. Boy was I drained.

But while I was resting and in between coughing fits and naps, over the weekend I saw the show Lost for the first time. I know the series just ended what, last year? One of my old supervisors was obsessed with the show that she flew down to LA for some Lost party where they aired the last episode the night before it aired on TV. Or something like that. Well, I gotta say I was sucked into the show. I don't recall the last time I saw a series that was actually scripted that kept my interest like that. Looks like I'll be watching it from now on, at least on DVD.

I've also been thinking about getting away for an R&R weekend at some point. As much as I'd love to travel to an exotic location, like Fuji or Maldives, my funds are limited to something a bit more .... local. I can't help that I like nice locations with expensive price tags!!

Like maybe heading up to Oregon for a weekend at Coast Cabins where you can bathe outside! Granted it's totally private, or maybe that's the shower for the hot tub, either way, very cool.

Or head down to Palm Springs to Korakia Pensione for the Moroccan/Mediterranean ambiance. How perfect on a hot summer day.

Hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to get away because there's lots of birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays over the next several months.

Do you have any favorite locations you like to run away to when you need a break?

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  1. Palm Springs sounds good. Sorry to hear about the allergies. Allergies are not our friend!
    Hey Imelda, I just gave you a shoutout on my blog!