Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A mini getaway to nature

Well, I won't be hopping on a plane anytime soon. Instead, I'll be doing a little staycation. Do they still use that term? Oh well, anyway I'll be heading out to do some camping this weekend for my birthday. I normally don't do anything, but this time I wanted to get out and go camping.

Last year I went camping for the first time in years. I used to go a lot when I was a kid and our family used to do summer trips when us kids were out. But us kids grew up (well so did the rest of the family) and it was harder to coordinate any family trips.

This weekend I'll be heading out with some friends this weekend to enjoy the nice weather in the mountains. Sadly the weather folks say it'll rain on Sunday so that will be interesting. I might have to stop by a hardware store for some tarps just in case. Anything to avoid waking up to a totally drenched camp site.

My family will come with cupcakes to celebrate on Saturday and we'll bbq, play board games, go on a hike or two, make banana boats over a fire and hopefully enjoy the time away from our busy lives.

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  1. Sometimes a staycation is more relaxing and does what a vacation is suppose to do :) Hope you enjoyed your time!!

    Ashley Marie Wilson