Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In search of food ...

I really enjoy cooking. I also really enjoy baking (cookies tomorrow!). But I've gotten pretty lazy in the cooking department. Last night, I finally cleaned out my fridge because it was just out of control. I live with my brother and between us, I tossed out so much food last night that went bad probably because we didn't know what we had in the first place. I'm going to aim to clean the fridge out twice a month to keep in under control.

I could imagine how much money we wasted too. I'm going try to at least plan 2 meals a week and of course, make a list before going grocery shopping. My fridge is pretty bare at the moment, but I stopped at the Farmer's Market during lunch today to pick up a couple things.

I picked up:

green beans

Any bright ideas on something good to make? I'm stumped and I'm not super creative when it comes to cooking. Or better yet, do you have any favorite recipes?

I'll probably stop by the store to pick up some buns and portobello mushroom and make a burger for dinner.

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