Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New stuff coming tonight!

I'm going to list some of my new cards tonight. I'm excited! I know it's been forever since I've listed new items, but all is not forgotten. Plus I finally got around to finishing up some of my flower magnets.

I was also talking to my mom this past weekend and she had suggested doing a series on words. Mostly ones for different occasions. I have a card that says "Sorry" on it that was graffitied on the side of a building up in Iceland. The streets and buildings of San Francisco have lots of writing, so I may need to go and search for some phrases and see what I come up with.

In other news, I'm finally going to do an R&R trip this weekend. After work on Friday I'll be heading down the California Coast for a bit of relaxation! I found a cute B&B of sorts. The kicker? I'm staying in a trailer. A step up from camping, but not quite a hotel. Ha! I can't wait. I want to go now! I'll be also visiting a dairy farm which should be interesting. I'll take lots of pics and maybe I'll end up with some good images for future cards.

Do you have any future trips coming up?


  1. I love the graffiti "sorry" card and word idea your mom has.

  2. Thanks. We'll see how it goes!