Thursday, July 21, 2011

CSA memberships

I'm alive! I swear! Just been busy. Spent last weekend trying to clean up. I got pretty lazy picking up after myself and my apartment was becoming a mess. Plus laundry was out of control, but now it's a bit more organized and less chaotic.

Today I started again thinking about CSA memberships. Over the last year I've debated on becoming a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) member. I like to cook but I get lazy and forget to cook stuff. Or I forget that I have veggies/produce and it goes bad. Safeway and other chain grocery stores tend to not have the best quality of fresh produce. Or I forgot what I was going to make with it in the first place. It takes energy to go to local farmer's markets too and sometimes I just don't have the energy to go to one just to get my veggies and produce. Wouldn't it be nice to get everything at one place??

Then found out about CSAs where you sign up and you receive a box/bag of local goodies from the farm, some even sell cheese or honey too. I thought "wow, that's cool!" They're not really cheap either, but I'm curious how it compares to going to a farmer's market.

Luckily for folks like me who aren't sure how we'll like it, several memberships have a month trial to see if you like it. Price is a factor as is the pick up location since I don't have a car here. When I grocery shop, I only fill up a hand basket since that's all I can carry on the bus and walk with. I don't want to lug a big box around. Plus I don't want to get so much food a week that I can't eat it all and then I just keep wasting amazing food and my money. Ah, decisions!!

But I'm hoping it may inspire me to get back into cooking and being healthier. Depending on the membership, I may get to pick what I want, or I get a mystery box and I get to experiment with foods that I may never have thought to try. Plus some memberships also send you recipes each week so maybe I won't be so lost as to what to do with a radish.

We'll see!! How do you get your produce? Do go to multiple stores when you go grocery shopping?

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