Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finding a hidden treasure

I found a box of old pictures I had printed probably done a few years ago when I first tried making greeting cards with my photos. If that wasn't cool enough, but I found the negatives! Negatives of photos that I can no longer take because the places no longer exist. The "Sky" mural that used to be next to SFMOMA I'm making into a magnet. I'm hoping I can ask the photo lab where I get my images printed can fiddle with the negative to get to looking better. But for now, this single print I'll use to make a magnet.

I'm hoping to get some magnets finished this weekend along with a couple other photo greeting cards. I'm slowly getting back to the groove.

Other plans today will involve making some chili beans (grandma style) and homemade flour tortillas. Probably a year or more ago my grandma had shown me how to make flour tortillas. I made them once on my own and they came out pretty good, but not as airy and fluffy as hers. But at least they were edible! Really, not bad for a first try. So today I'm going to try them again. I hate that I didn't write down her instructions so I figured I'll try the Rick Bayless version which is the same as my grandma's except without baking powder. Let's home I make my grandma proud!

How are you spending your day? Do you have any cool family recipes that you love making?


  1. I like that magnet shown up there! =)
    And...chili beans sound yummy about now! I'm hungry. I always hate it when I forget to write a really good recipe down! I'm sure you'll make your grandma proud, though. Enjoy that chili!
    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies.

  2. Wow, that's going to make a cool magnet! Mmm the food you're making sounds wonderful :)

  3. Oh, I wish I could have seen that building! Tortillas sound wonderful! I know that no matter how they turn out, your grandma will be proud. My mother was a terrible cook so really all the recipes I make now are my own creation.

  4. I like the sound of the magnets. It's a great photo to start with. Good luck with the tortilla making - yummy!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you like the album.