Thursday, September 8, 2011

New stuff and a buttery tortilla

Well 2 pieces of big news!

1) I have some new stuff I need to get listed. I have some magnets completed and some cards I made from my discovered stash of photos. I'm picking up new images this weekend so I'm super excited about seeing how they came out. Printed from old school negatives, remember those? I have some other magnets drying, but I seem to have bad luck with my photos and the big pieces of glass. I can't figure out why, something with the glue I think. We'll hopefully they'll look ok.

2) A tortilla update. I tried this past weekend on the tortilla assignment and they came out edible. Pretty good for the second time ever making them on my own. I made about 15 from one batch. I told my brother (who I live with) that there were some tortillas to eat if he wanted some and they were gone in a matter of 2 days. I came home to eat one and said "Are they all gone??" Ha, my brother said "Yeah." Granted I ate like 4-5 cuz I was hungry as I was making them, but I'm also not surprised he ate the rest. I'm glad though I didn't eat them all by myself.

I have a feeling I needed to add more water to the mix because they're not as fluffy as the ones my grandma used to make. When they cooled down they got a bit hard. I'd microwave it to soften it up, but then it got stiff again. Oh well! Maybe I'll try again this weekend. It just takes practice. I think I got one perfectly round, otherwise they were all shaped funny. No matter what shape they were, I couldn't help but slather a bit of butter on it. Mmmmmm!

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