Sunday, October 9, 2011

Urban Farming

I visited Hayes Valley Farm this afternoon to get my hands a bit dirty for the first time in ages.

I'd always seen this place while going to and from downtown and been curious about what really goes on here. The interesting thing is this 1 block sized farm is smack in the middle of San Francisco. In fact, it used to be a big slab of freeway before it was a farm.

After a lot of hard work from the community and volunteers and of course donates and grants, it's a great piece of green in the midst of a busy area of the city. You'll find a green house, beekeeping, composting, solar charging station for electronics (free!), seed lounge, story telling area, yoga and all sorts of other on-going projects. It's amazing!! You don't even have to leave the city to learn about beekeeping or how to compost.

I spent the afternoon chatting with other volunteers and learning about what goes on there. I started mulching and then helped turn over and move some compost piles. They get their food scraps once a week from the SF Zen Center located just up the street. I have to say, the smell, well it was pretty ripe. I finished up by sampling some of cherry tomatoes that were freshly picked.

It felt good to get outside on a sunny day and get my hands dirty. I forgot what a workout gardening can be! I left tired, but it was good tired. Now I know where to go to get my green thumb fix in the City on Sunday afternoons.

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