Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! It's 2012, how crazy is that? Seems like 2011 went by really fast. It was a tough year, especially the last half so I'm glad to be starting a new year.

I didn't really do much on New Year's Eve except watch a Lost marathon. Went out to dinner with some friends and then came home to watch a few episodes just before turning on Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve show. That was my New Year's. Actually, that day my boyfriend I were returning from Palo Alto because we stayed down there overnight for our anniversary.

We stayed at the Garden Court Hotel and got the Hometown Tourist on Ice package they're offering right now. The package included gift certificates to the restaurant downstairs, ice skating reservations at the local ice skating rink, a s'mores kit and a bottle of wine! We had a lot of fun! The s'mores kit was pretty awesome and actually worked. I was worried we'd just get some pre-packaged gift bag with the stuff and no way to actually heat up the marshmallows, but no they had a little machine!

Ice skating was interesting. My boyfriend to my surprise actually knows how to ice skate and I've never been on the ice ever. We went and the place was packed. He was showing me how to try to move along the ice which was pretty darn funny. I felt down twice, but not too bad considering I'd never done it before. I took him down the second time. Ha! I spent most of the time hanging on to the railing and trying to get around the 7 year olds learning too while holding on to dear life so I didn't fall again. We had a lot of fun doing something different. It gave my arches on my feet a workout because I was struggling to balance. I was sore the next day!

New Year's Day I lugged my butt out of bed to the studio where I workout. The studio traditionally does a 2 hour workout on New Year's Day, day after Christmas and the day after Thanksgiving. Myself and 9 other people got our first workout in. The first time I did it I hit the wall twice where I wanted to give up and stop. It hasn't been as bad the last couple years I've done it, but guess that's what it feels like for people who do marathons. No marathon for me, thank you very much! After I got home for my workout, I took a shower and to my surprise, fell asleep for a bit.

I'm off for another day and then I go back to work. It feels like a very long weekend (5 days) which is nice. Usually long weekends fly by, but this one is feeling longer so I can't complain. Did you have a nice New Year's?

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