Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shop makeover

I've been trying to get my life organized this month. Keyword here is trying. Granted I can now use my desk at home because it was piled (embarrassingly) high that if I moved anything off it, I feared everything would come tumbling down. Like any clutter, it's stressful just looking at it. I finally cleaned it off and filed lots of papers away over this weekend. Yay! I can now type, as I am now, while sitting at my desk without fear of bumping everything off to the floor.

In addition to getting my desk cleared and my card supplies being nicely organized in boxes, it's time to get my online shop organized. Meaning it's in dire need of a total overhaul. You know, photos, descriptions, tags (oh those tags!) and marketing. You can make a great product but no one's gonna know about it unless you "sell" it and market it.

With that said, I signed up for an Etsy shop workshop this weekend for tips and tricks to make my shop work. I also have a couple backlogged webinars I need to view which I'm going to aim to get around to this weekend. There's also an upcoming marketing workshop next weekend and debating on that. Maybe I'm getting a little too ahead of myself? Quite possible.

I made 6 new cards last night which I need to photograph. I'd love to get those up in the next week or so. Of course in the midst of all this I'm of course trying to keep sane. It'll make you go crazy!! What's that saying, keep it simple? Oh right, yes keep it simple. It's good to have goals of course, but I guess I shouldn't try to reach them all at once.

January is almost over which is mind-boggling. Seems like we just finished New Year's. How is your first month of the year going, any goals you're looking forward to reach this year?


  1. Don't worry, my desk at school is like that on a daily basis! The kids know it too and are amazed whenever I clean it! Good luck with your goals!

    1. Ha, yeah. Luckily my desk at work is usually pretty clean, but most people who've seen my desk at home know what a nightmare it was.