Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lightbox project

After taking lots of product photos and continually being annoyed at how my images come out, I finally broke down and made a lightbox.

Now because I'm extra lazy and cheap I didn't want to have to go buy extra lamps. I have one lamp that's bendy, but all the other lights I have are stationary. I cut up a box, but of course it was way too small. I don't know what I was thinking. But I found a larger box, used some tissue paper and ta-da, a lightbox.

Lighting the darn thing was another issue. With a few props (yoga blocks, DVDs, DVD remote) and laying some lamps down on their side, I had a decently lit box.

I spent the evening taking pictures (over 500!) and popped them into Photoshop. Auto corrected the levels and the end result is below.

I have to say I was really surprised at the results. I wish my lights were better as there was some glaring, but overall I'm pretty happy with my box. I only spent 99 cents on the poster board from Walgreens. Have you made a lightbox?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crafty Computer Afternoon - SF Etsy

Crafty Computer Meet-Ups have been getting around in the SF Etsy team over the past month or so. Katy hosted the first one and everyone on the team thought this is a great way to meet other team members.

Being inspired, I decided to host one at my apartment this weekend. Michelle, Korie, Talia, Eko and I spent the afternoon chatting about what we make, possible new projects, tagging, descriptions, titles and social media.

L-R: Michelle, Eko, Korie and Talia working away

Everyone's at different points in our businesses. Some are just starting out on Etsy and some have been members for several years.

Because working hard makes you hungry and thirsty

With a number of snacks and drinks on hand to keep us occupied, here are some tips we got:

Re-listing - Korie's shop has been open on Etsy for barely a month and she's already had 6 sales! She credits re-listing 3 times a day to keep her shop relevant.

Facebook - Several of us are on Facebook and we use it to help market our shops, new items and other things that may interest our fans.

House Parties
- Michelle had 2 parties thrown for her (in Washington and LA) and each host asked her to bring several of her pieces. She sold a number of items and gave her jewelry some exposure. This would be a great idea during the holidays!

Twitter - Can't afford to re-list every day? Use it to promote your items without spending 20 cents. And use those hashtags for Etsy teams your apart of. They can retweet you and help promote you to their followers.

Tagging - Use Etsy Teams in your tags! If someone finds out about one of the teams your part of and searches for the team in Etsy, your item will show up in a search if you put the team name in your tags.

Instag.ram, Flickr & Pinterest
- Great ways to give your work exposure!

Lightbox - It pays to buy or make one! Your photos will be awesome!

LinkedIn - Great way to professionally network with other sellers, especially if you are looking for a day job.

Korie and Eko talking about their jewelry shops

This was a great afternoon and loved meeting Michelle, Eko, Talia and Korie. We added each other's shops to our favorites and connected through Facebook and Twitter. I hope that SF Etsy members get together more because we can learn so much from each other. If you're a seller, see if any other sellers live near by and have a meet-up of your own!