Sunday, April 1, 2012

SF Etsy Business Group Meeting

I've been sadly neglecting my blog. So sorry! I've been busy with everything going on. Plus this weather's throwing me off, oh and then there was the time change ... crazy!

One of the things I started in my shop was adding prints! Yay! So not only will you find photo greeting cards, but prints. I also made a small version of the toilet paper roll (which ended up on last month) in case folks want an unframed version of the print that can fit in any tiny bathroom or a small space. I'm looking forward to adding more prints and possibly listing those photo magnets I had started on about a year ago.

In other news, today I hosted an SF Etsy Business Group Meeting at my apartment! I reconnected with 2 previous members (Eko & Korie) I had met when I first hosted the crafty afternoon event a few months ago. I also met 2 new SF Etsy members, Terrie and Conor which was fun. Korie discussed SEO for our shops and it was really informative. She went through sorting out our keywords and then how to use them throughout our shops. Can't wait to start trying out her tips and suggestions.

We're hoping to make our group a monthly event and hopefully tackle topics such as photographing products, promoting through social networking, how to sell outside of etsy and just even checking in to what people are doing right now with their work.

I have to say it's extremely helpful getting to meet other local members. It really keeps me motivated and inspires me to keep working on my shop and creating new products. Can't wait till our next meeting!

What keeps you motivated and inspired?


  1. How nice to have other local Etsians to connect with. Fun to put a face with a fellow Etsian!

    Via Etsy Promote Your Blog team

    1. Yes, it's really great and I feel very fortunate to live near so many members. I definitely recommend reaching out to any other members that may live near you. Heck, even using Skype would be awesome!