Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Got food?


It's been so long. Things have fallen off my plate of priorities, need to learn to balance things better. So much has gone on over the last several weeks so I'll do my best to slowly get back up to date on things.

On the home front, I went to see a dietitian for the first time ever this morning. Granted I've never been on a diet, but considering that I've more or less struggled with my daily diet (what can I say, I like food!), even when I've lost weight I never was able to figure out how to properly balance my meals. I mean if you do a search on "diet" or anything food related, you'll get over 50 million results via Google. We get so overwhelmed with dieting, what to eat and not to eat, how many calories to consume, what to do if you have health problems ... it's just out of of control and you don't know what to believe or follow.

I figured, it was high time to finally sit down with someone who is clinically licensed and is properly educated on diet who could give me recommendations based on me, my particular eating habits, etc. It isn't cheap and of course health insurance doesn't cover which seems stupid. It's a preventative!!! It should be covered!! They'll only consider covering it if I'm getting or have had surgery or something. LAME!

After meeting with her, she suggested I look into working on a slow carb diet. Focusing on slow carbohydrate based foods. It's supposed to help keep your blood sugar more balanced through the day so it doesn't spike (no bagels, cereal, white flour stuff), but eat veggies/fruit, protein and carbs at each meal. Diabetes runs in my family and at the moment, I'm realistically healthy (no serious health issues), but I'd like to get on a better health path.

It sounds quite similar to the "4 Hour Body" book/diet out there and a low glycemic diet. The first is much more restrictive where as the low glycemic diet is a bit more realistic.

I'll be visiting her in about 3 weeks and tracking what I'm eating and making note of how I feel about it all.

Have you followed a diet of sorts? They always seem temporary and a number of them, dangerous.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

EstyGreetings Wedding Blog Hop

Wedding season is gearing up again and as part of the EtsyGreetings Team Wedding Blog Hop, several members are posting a wedding themed greeting card from their shop!

On Your Wedding Day

I like this card because it's simple and would be great for a bridal shower, a same sex wedding or just a congratulations on your engagement card.

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