Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baking up a storm

The other weekend, I decided to bust out the Kitchen Aid Mixer my family bought me for my birthday this past May. I'd been going on and on about how much I wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer for several years, saying if I ever got engaged that it would be the only thing I'd ever register for. Whelp, I finally used it and I love it! It's magical!

I baked up some gluten free brownies and oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies (which I've made before and posted on here). I was curious how the brownies would turn out and I was surprised, they came out pretty good. A bit on the chocolaty side for my taste, but my coworkers gobbled them up.

So if you're in search of some eye candy for your day ...


  1. Imelda! I love your blog! I always wanted to try those oreos... are they good?


    1. Thanks Kim!! Yes, they are good. They're almost as big as Specialty's cookies. I love your blog too and seeing your little adventures! :) Thanks for stopping by!