Monday, August 13, 2012

It's been too long, I know


My goodness, I'm getting back in touch with the internet world. I was off Twitter and Facebook for just over a month. It was time to detox. I was going no dairy and no sugar and boy it was hard, but I survived!! I have to say it was nice to disconnect from the "busy-ness" that the internet is. I was in awe what a time waster it can be.

My diet's been going well! I feel so much healthier and have gone down 12 lbs since I've been seeing my dietitian. So nice! I'm sorta falling off the wagon, so I need to get back on and focused.

I've been working on my photography for the last several weeks. Instead of doing photography every couple ... err months that the only way it can get better is to do photography every single day. Even when I really don't want to. When I stopped putting up a fight and complaining about it, my photos got better and I'm in awe at the fact that my "photo" eye is coming back. Yay! It's definitely helping me come up with possible new cards and prints to set up in the shop.

I'm also in the process of doing an action plan for my shop. Boy so much to hash out! I'm excited though because the possibilities are endless.

So things are going well! I'm happy with how things are coming along right now in my life. Yay!

I promise I'll post at least once a week. I'm going to write it down! I'm learning to make commitments and stick to them, just like my healthy eating, daily photography, meditation, etc. Need to start somewhere and stick to it. Plus I miss my blog world!!

What have I missed since I've been away? Has a bunch of amazing stuff going on in cyber space??

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