Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"What are you listening to?" Photo Project

What are you listening to? I figure that's a better title for my photo project.

On my way home last week, I decided to approach a guy who was seriously grooving to something on his headphones while on an express bus. I was pretty scared to ask only because it was a full bus and the last thing I wanted was everyone hearing what I was saying and taking pics. I was thinking "oh my goodness everyone's gonna STARE AT ME!" Well the bus ride was almost done and I was running out of time to get my next possible person for this project. I mustered up the courage yet again and asked "Can I ask what you're listening to?" He got a little worried and asked if he was singing too loud. Yes, he was THAT into his music but I'm down with that. If anything, it made my commute and others ride home a bit more entertaining after a long day.

Name: Adam
Listening to: "Revolution Rock" by The Clash

Adam was rocking out to The Clash because anything that makes the commute home go faster is great. He said that the song made him feel empowered like he's gotta get out of the house and do something. It gave him this antsy, rambunctious feeling. Plus it made the traffic home a bit more bearable.

We chatted a bit about music and I thought it was interesting that he said normally people listen to certain songs on an album, but he listens to an album all the way through. That's rare nowadays, or at least I rarely hear of anyone listening to albums all the way through. He keeps it old school which is cool in my book because we people have the shortest attention spans nowadays. I know I do, I'm the station hopper in the car.

I ran into him again today on the way home so we chatted it up again, talking about photography and the local bakery which apparently has really great pastries. According to him, well the coffee needs a bit of a makeover, but the pastries and sandwiches are worth the trip. Making mental note!


  1. I love this idea for a photo project, so great! And I am seriously impressed by your courage, approaching strangers with a slightly strange request is intimidating!

    ps. Have you come across 'Street Photography Now'? The introductory essay in it talks about how street photographers deal with the fact that they have to interact with strangers to get their shots - I found it very reassuring to read that some of the best street photographers in the world also feel intimidated sometimes!

  2. Emily, thanks. It is intimating but honestly, a total high when I finish talking to people. Gives me a total boast of confidence!

    I haven't heard of Street Photography Now, but I have to check it out! Yes, photographing strangers on the street is probably one of the biggest fears for any photographer. But I'm finding you can discover so much about yourself and the person you're photographing when you do it.