Sunday, September 30, 2012

Showing off packaging

On Friday, a couple members of the SF Etsy team came over for our business meeting focusing on packaging. If you're like me, you can spend hours looking at packaging samples because I love being inspired and seeing what creative ways people present their products.

My packaging is currently a work in progress. I'm trying to come up with ways to present my prints (I sold one for the first time this month!) so the customer doesn't just get a print in a cello bag.

Below is what I've come up with for packaging up my individual photo greeting cards and the other is a mock up for how I packaged up the print to a customer.

Some of the feedback regarding packaging for my prints is to use a sticker, larger stamp (possibly my shop name/logo) and also including a note that says how to care for your print. It was also suggested to include frame sizes for the print ordered or mat sizing. Things I hadn't even thought of! Really useful information.

Megan of Vantastic Vintage said that she is going to step up her packaging again because before she used to wrap things up nicely, sometimes include a little freebie, but after ordering vintage items from other sellers on Etsy, she thought she was doing too much. She's said that everyone has pretty much tossed the item in a bag, slapped the Paypal label on the envelope/box and shipped it off. We all gasped!! What, you mean the seller didn't put in a note saying thank you, no tissue paper ... nothing?? YUP! OMG!! After seeing all our packaging she said she's gonna totally bring back her extra touch because it makes her stand out. We all thought that even though she sells vintage, it doesn't mean it you should just toss it in an envelope. Just a food for thought vintage/clothing sellers!

Eko, Even, Cristiana and Audra all sell jewelry and have similiar packaging of using boxes. Eko does awesome packaging and of course, I totally failed to get a photo of it, but we all were "oooooo-ing" and 'awwwww-ing" at it. She puts some serious care into packing up her pieces, even including information on how to care for the pieces when the customer receives it.

Even's packaging (L), Cristiana's packaging (R)

Overall, it was a great meeting. I loved seeing everyone's packaging and the suggestions given.

What are your favorite packaging tips? How much does packaging make an impression on you when you order something handmade?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dinner anyone? Part 2

Oh boy it took me 2 days and several hours to go through all those pics. Here's some more to entertain you. This time, it's of the staff prepping for the evening.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dinner anyone?

I had the awesome opportunity to photograph a restaurant earlier this week. I mainly focused on the kitchen which I must say, was quite calm! I photographed Alexander's Steakhouse located in the SOMA District in San Francisco. It's near AT&T Park and the Caltrain Station.

I did this project purely for fun to try and photograph something I normally wouldn't think of photographing. It was also a great opportunity use the various modes on my camera. I must say it was pretty tricky with all the different lighting!

I'll be posting some more photos of my experience, but the staff was awesome!! It's made me really appreciate the amount of work that goes into getting food on the table. So be nice to those who serve your food to you!

The staff totally let me photograph them as they were working and I don't know about you, but I probably wouldn't want anyone photographing myself working, but then again I work at a desk most of the day. I loved it, they were even saying, "Did you get a picture of that, that's where the action is!" Awe yeah!

So here are some of the food shots ... I'll be posting more over the next week or so. Sorry if it makes you hungry.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beautifying the City

I was on my way home after doing some errands at Church & Market here in San Francisco and as I was waiting for the N-Judah, I noticed several of the utility boxes had been painted and were now covered with beautiful flowers. I glanced over and saw a guy talking to a woman who was standing at a utility box painting it. It took me a few minutes to get that the woman was the one who painted the other boxes. I decided to head over and get a better look at the box. Here, I met Mona Caron. Whatever she was painting looked interesting, but I didn't really get it. So she told me to stand at the left side corner, facing Out of the Closet looking towards Safeway. Below is what I saw:

Cool, huh? She in fact painted the mural you'll find behind Safeway. And I don't know how many times I've seen that mural wondering who the heck painted it, and here I was talking to the artist herself! Mona's a super sweet woman.

A man was walking by who stopped to look at what she was doing and just had to take a pic. Then another man was walking by who lives in the neighborhood saying how much he appreciates her work because she's beautified his home. How nice, huh?

She's painted other murals all over San Francisco, including a mural in the Tenderloin, Dolores Heights, Noe Valley and the Mission. She also has work in other countries such as Boliva and Switzerland. I must say it's a beautiful thing to see a blank space being transformed, however big or small it maybe. And I also realized that she, like many artists, is sharing her work with the world and leaving her mark for thousands and thousands of people to see and enjoy as they go about their lives. Whether they're heading to the store, meeting up with friends, whatever it maybe. It's work that everyone of any walk of life can enjoy and appreciate. Thanks Mona for beautifying San Francisco with your beautiful art! You can find her website here and go like her Facebook page!