Sunday, September 30, 2012

Showing off packaging

On Friday, a couple members of the SF Etsy team came over for our business meeting focusing on packaging. If you're like me, you can spend hours looking at packaging samples because I love being inspired and seeing what creative ways people present their products.

My packaging is currently a work in progress. I'm trying to come up with ways to present my prints (I sold one for the first time this month!) so the customer doesn't just get a print in a cello bag.

Below is what I've come up with for packaging up my individual photo greeting cards and the other is a mock up for how I packaged up the print to a customer.

Some of the feedback regarding packaging for my prints is to use a sticker, larger stamp (possibly my shop name/logo) and also including a note that says how to care for your print. It was also suggested to include frame sizes for the print ordered or mat sizing. Things I hadn't even thought of! Really useful information.

Megan of Vantastic Vintage said that she is going to step up her packaging again because before she used to wrap things up nicely, sometimes include a little freebie, but after ordering vintage items from other sellers on Etsy, she thought she was doing too much. She's said that everyone has pretty much tossed the item in a bag, slapped the Paypal label on the envelope/box and shipped it off. We all gasped!! What, you mean the seller didn't put in a note saying thank you, no tissue paper ... nothing?? YUP! OMG!! After seeing all our packaging she said she's gonna totally bring back her extra touch because it makes her stand out. We all thought that even though she sells vintage, it doesn't mean it you should just toss it in an envelope. Just a food for thought vintage/clothing sellers!

Eko, Even, Cristiana and Audra all sell jewelry and have similiar packaging of using boxes. Eko does awesome packaging and of course, I totally failed to get a photo of it, but we all were "oooooo-ing" and 'awwwww-ing" at it. She puts some serious care into packing up her pieces, even including information on how to care for the pieces when the customer receives it.

Even's packaging (L), Cristiana's packaging (R)

Overall, it was a great meeting. I loved seeing everyone's packaging and the suggestions given.

What are your favorite packaging tips? How much does packaging make an impression on you when you order something handmade?

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